Sunday, August 28, 2016

Monkey Week

We sang and acted out the song "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"

Happy Birthday Monkey Friends!

We went on a banana hunt around the classroom to find bananas.  Each banana had a big "M" or a little "m" on it.  We sorted the bananas by big "M" and little "m."

Letter "Mm" hunt with bingo dabbers

Practicing writing the letter "Mm"

Reading the book Monkey See, Monkey Do

Playing the game Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Making Monkey headbands!

All About Me Week

First day of school jobs!
Weather helper

Calendar helper

Which Monkey friends came to school today??

First day of school handprints for mom and dad!

First day of school paintings

Sharing items from our All About Me Bags!

We learned the word "reflection" and then we looked in the mirror and said what we like about ourselves!

Working on our All About Me books

Practicing writing the letter "Ss"

Playdough fun!

More fun with some of our new Monkey friends!

Happy Birthday Monkey Friend!